COVID-19 Resources

Virtual Event Tips


  • Communique – full online event platform
  • Pathable – Full online event platform
  • Webinar Jam – for webinars and half-day topical events (interactive + easy for presenters to use)
  • WorkCast – for webinars and half-day topical events

Tips & Tricks

  • Get your payment processor set up as soon as you secure your platform!
  • If you are internally building webpages for your virtual event, paying for an API is well worth the investment. It will allow you to control access and can utilize your associations single sign on.
  • Create and communicate instructions to show attendees how to interact with the event platform.


HSAE Meeting Recordings

Virtual Town Hall (04/22/2020)

Virtual Round Table: Executing Successful Virtual Events (5/28/2020)

Upcoming HSAE Virtual Meetings

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Meeting Resources

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